Lab Solutions and Chemicals Group


We design the laboratory of the future by providing appropriate solutions for every need


To design and present intelligent and feasible laboratory solutions that respond to the needs of every laboratory from mechanics, furniture, equipment, daily chemicals and consumables to superior, scientific and economical results in time.

Activity Area

  • To sell general laboratory equipment’s, consumables and chemicals
  • Creating order / need by creating value, not ordering
  • Not only Agilent, but also supply and chemical to other brand devices
  • Not only based on project, but also to share in the daily business life of the customer – to ensure continuity with the customer
  • Providing economical, effective, value creating solutions that can meet the needs of every sector that can be reached with all sales channels
  • To provide effective solution at the right time

Basic Laboratory Equipment

  • Thermal analysis Melting Point densitometer, Refractometer, Titrator, Karl Fisher Moisture Analyzer, pH and conductivity, Balance
  • Photostability Cabin, Stability Chambers, Vacuum Oven, Environmental Test Cabinets, Air Cabinet, Incubator, Plant Growth Cabinet, Temperature Test Cabinets, Ovens, CO2 Incubator, Test Chambers, Heating Cabinets, IVF Cabinets, Plant Tissue Culture Cabinet, Clean Room, PC Cabinets
  • Animal Research Cabinet, Hospital Insulators, Freezer, Fume Hoods, Biological Safety Cabinet, Laminar Flow, Smokeless Fume
  • Light Measurement, Screen Analyzers,  Glossmeters, Spectrophotometers, Chromatometers
  • Bottle dispensers, Dispensers, Multichannel pipettes, Digital pipettes, Manual pipettesViscometer, Powder Flow Tester, Rheometer, Texture Analysis
  • Large Volume Horizontal Autoclaves, Vertical Autoclave, Media Preparator, Horizontal Autoclave
  • Rotary evaporators, Peristaltic pumps, mechanical mixer, homogenizer, Shaker & Mixer

Laboratory Consumables

  • LC & LC / MS Column and ConsumablesVials and Covers
  • GC & GC / MS Column and Consumables
  • Flash Chromatography System and Consumables
  • AAS Consumables
  • ICP-OES Consumables
  • CP-MS Consumables
  • UV-VIS, FTIR System Consumables
  • Sample Preparation / SPE System and Columns / QuEchers
  • Syringe Filters
  • Gas Generators
  • TLC Systems and Accessories

Laboratory Chemicals

  • Lab Standards
  • Chemicals