Our Core Values

Our values make us different;

  •                Our professional ethic rules create a basis,
  •                strengths our unity and
  •                Cooperation that we have built on today.

It is our primary goal to be able to move forward today without forgetting that we come from trusting, respecting, developing and sharing each other in the light of these principles we have gained from our past for all of our stakeholders, including our society, our customers, our partners, our suppliers, and our dealers.


Trust, faith, hope. Our belief is good faith which our associates feel each other and their works. Belief and trust in freedom, equality, republic, and secrecy.


Respect means prestige and showing respect. Prestige; By working and earning. Respect; Right and equal.


It means improving, progress, growth, and maturity. Development; To improve them in order to distinguish good and true by preserving the values we have.


It refers to sharing. It is not meaning of me, you, them, must say ” WE “. To share information; The continuity of our group’s success, its continuity, will only be possible with the sharing of knowledge and experience.

Our Mission

  • To increase the speed and quality in sales and support services of laboratory equipment and to provide customer satisfaction with the newest technologies at the highest level
  • Providing long-term sustainable benefit by creating mutual trust between our partner
  • Training and R&D activities in the field of laboratory equipment
  • To implement activities to increase the quality of life of the society we live in to contribute to the cultural, personal and professional development of our employees