Environmental simulation chambers from leading specialists 

BINDER temperature, climate, and environmental simulation chambers are the centerpieces of modern laboratories. Designed to meet the highest demands in scientific and industrial fields, they enable the accurate simulation of biological, chemical, and physical environmental conditions. With cutting-edge technology and pioneering innovations, BINDER develops products that provide real added value for the customer. We apply our expertise and feel for the requirements of dynamic, day-to-day work in research facilities to support the widest range of projects and processes in an optimum way. After all, our aim is nothing less than making a contribution to the health, quality of life, and safety of people. 


Cutting-edge products – made in Germany, made by BINDER 

 With 22,000 series production machines supplied each year globally, family company BINDER is now one of the leading experts on environmental simulation chambers. For over 30 years at our German site in Tuttlingen, we have developed and produced premium products which combine superior technology, first-class advice, and exemplary service. These three factors are symbolized by the three red triangles that make up our logo – and our customers appreciate the benefits every day through the outstanding results of their work.  

100% premium quality – made in Germany, supplied globally 

BINDER environmental simulation chambers perform complex laboratory tasks with 100% reliability. They are developed and manufactured exclusively at the company site in Tuttlingen, nestled in the heart of the “high-tech region” in southern Germany. We carry out all production stages in our factory – parts are punched, bent, and welded with precision; units are insulated and then finally assembled with care. By doing this, we can guarantee quality across the board. No BINDER climate chamber leaves the factory without passing our full final inspection. And, as a result, we supply around 22,000 premium units annually around the globe.   

  • Right on your doorstep – in 135 countries around the world 

With our four Sales subsidiaries and our international BINDER Sales partners, we are never far away from global companies, institutes, and research facilities all over the world. In recent years, we have really increased our international presence and are highly committed to our customers in Asia and America, as well as to our core markets in Europe. Our BINDER experts support and advise you on-site, from choosing and commissioning your environmental simulation chamber right up to maintenance and reliable technical support. 


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