The Zehntner brand has been standing for Swiss made high quality electronic and physical measuring and testing instruments for decades.

Our experience of many years combined with the consistent and fast implementation of suggestions from our customers result in instruments meeting all our clients‘ requirements. We are committed to responding to your individual needs and are only satisfied if you are too.

Our approach has stood the test of time and we take pride in the loyalty of our customers: once a Zehntner customer, always a Zehntner customer.

We strive to extend our product range continuously and look forward to developing our business relationship.



  • Cross-cut
  • Conical Mandrel Tester
  • Cylindrical Mandrel Tester
  • Flow Cups
  • Grindometer
  • Pencil Hardness Tester
  • Impact Tester
  • Wet film Thickness
  • Paint Inspection Gauge
  • Metal Pycnometer
  • Test Charts
  • Drying Gauges
  • Spiral Applicator
  • Automatic Film Applicator
  • 4 sided Applicator
  • Universal Applicator
  • Glossmeter
  • Reflectometer


For detailed information: http://www.zehntner.com/