As Sem R&D Center, our aim is to develop value-added projects in cooperation with industry and academia, and to present the project outputs as product and / or scientific publication both at home and abroad. In this context, the targeted studies are carried out in two scientific fields: chemistry and molecular biology and genetics. Chemical studies have been focused on chromatography techniques, molecular and genetic studies have focused on the molecular techniques of modern life such as microarray, next generation gene sequencing and bioinformatics analyses.


  • Clinical Diagnostic and Food Safety Kit Sales

    Jasem produces ready-to-use kits for clinical diagnostic and food safety. Liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS) has emerged as an analytical technology applicable to a wide number of analyses in the laboratories.

    Compared to the techniques like gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS), or immunoassay methods, LC-MS/MS offers a more sensitive, fast, reliable and accurate analysis.

    Jasem has developed kits with simple and fast sample preperations without using derivatization and solid phase extraction (SPE).

    Please check our products page for detailed information.

  • Sample Analysis for Research Samples

    Our laboratory can analyze samples using LC-MS/MS, HPLC and GC-MS.

    Reports are sent via email. To allow for efficient analysis of samples, contact us for sample packaging, labelling steps.

  • Method Research & Development Studies

    As part of research and development activities ,we are constantly reviewing the literature and new publications to determine the trends and newly discovered markers. We have several active Industry-University projects to develop sensitive analysis methods for those newly markers. If you would like to cooperate with us, please contact us.

  • Method Validation Studies

    Results of newly method has to be validated. We evaluate new methods based on international guidelines and industry standarts.

    1. Linearity
    2. Quantitation Limit
    3. Recovery
    4. Repeatability
    5. Reproducibility
    6. Stability
  • Theoretical and practical training

    We organize seminars, trainings that will further your knowledge in chromotography. We offer a comprehensive range of courses for all level of users.

  • Sample Quality and Quantity

    As in many fields, it is very important to determine the quality and quantity of samples in the molecular field. In the microarray (pre/postnatal array, gene expression, miRNA) and  next generation sequencing which are high sensitive and cost-effective assays, the quality and quantity of samples should be done before and/or during the study. For this purpose, DNA, RNA and protein quality control are performed with the Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer, Agilent 4200 TapeStation technologies. In addition, DNA, RNA and protein samples are determined by using Implen Nanophotometer in our laboratory.

  • Microarray Analyze

    Nowadays, one of the most important experiments that performed in human genetics fields, comparative gene hybridization (pre/postnatal array CGH), as well as gene expression and miRNA microarrays and bioinformatic analysis can be done installation/training on-site and in our laboratory as well. There are custom array designs for many organisms, especially human, and you can create own design with target genes for your experiment.

  • Preparation of library and Sequencing

    The next generation sequencing is one of the most important genomic analyze of the present and near future. In this context, installation/training can be done on-site and in our laboratory as well with the products of market leaders such as Illumina Inc. and Agilent brands.

    In addition to the preparation of DNA libraries and sequencing, we also have all necessary infrastructure to do bioinformatics analysis (excluding DNA/RNA isolation).

  • Cell Metabolism Analyze

    The Seahorse XFp Analyzer provides the functional metabolic markers in live cells with real-time extracellular measurements. Seahorse XFp Analyzer is a system based on the analysis and measure of the OCR (oxygen consumption rate) and ECAR (extracellular acidity rate) parameters of extracellular cells in with the 8 miniplate format.

Our Partners

Industry-Academy Cooperation Projects

Within the framework of Industrial-Academy Cooperation, various projects have been carried out and continue to be implemented in our R&D Center laboratory.

Projects completed in this context:

  • A project was carried out with the Karadeniz Technical University Department of Neurology to determine the levels of Metilprednisolon substance in the milk of mothers with multiple sclerosis (MS). The results of this research, which was completed in 2017, were published in an international journal.

  • A project was carried out together with the Dentistry Department of the Istanbul University – Capa Medical Faculty in order to examine the periodic intra-oral release of monomers used in the production of dental composites. The results of this project, which was completed in 2018, were included in a PhD dissertation.

  • In order to examine the relationship between body mass index and serum vitamin D levels, a project was carried out with the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics at Haliç University. The samples to be analyzed during the project were prepared by our automatic sample preparation system. The results of this research, completed in 2018, are documented in scientific articles.

  • A project was carried out with the Scientific and Technological Research, Application and Research Center of Sinop University to determine the amino acid profile of various body parts in various body parts by quantitative values. An article on the results of this research, which was completed in 2018, was published.

  • In 2018, the data obtained from the study conducted with the Istanbul University-Forensic Medicine Department for the detection and quantification of organic explosives in materials such as soil and cloth were included in a PhD dissertation.

  • Analytical methods for the measurement of antibiotics in cow milk and products were developed in a series of projects in 2017 with Afyon Kocatepe University-Veterinary Department. The data obtained from the studies have been used in scientific article writing.

The details of the ongoing projects within the framework of Industry-Academy Cooperation will be shared with the end of the related projects.

Completed Projects

In 2014, within the scope of call for projects 1511-Teydeb, the project with number 1130142 “Develeping Biochemical Diagnostic Kits for Mass Spectrometry” has received financial support for 2 years.

As an outcome of this project, the developed kits are branded as Jasem and are routinely used in biochemistry laboratories in Turkey, Italy, Spain, Russia, Azerbaijan, Poland, Romania and Slovenia.

These products include quantitative amino asid analysis, newborn screening, steroid hormone profiling, urinary organic asid analysis, Vitamin D analysis kits.

Drug level determination and clinical toxicology tests were also developed and are used routinely in laboratories. These products are distinguished by their ability to analyze a large number of drugs with single kit in only 12 minutes with the correct quantification.

Within the scope of the R&D center’s projects, the Seahorse full-time cell analyzer was completed in January 2019 and the interface was developed to analyze multiple experiment data together.