Jasem Clinic & Food Safety Kits


Producing and developing chromatographic diagnosis.


To provide special solutions to customers by developing methods that are advantageous in terms of faster, reliable, accurate, practical and economical in terms of mass spectroscopy technique.

Activity area

  • Developing and selling fast and effective methods / kits in clinical and food field
  • To provide alternative solutions for brand independent economics
  • To be able to offer solutions to the automation as a whole
  • Develop a method for device sales team


  • Jasem develops analysis methods and kits for clinical and food applications using liquid chromatography coupled Mass Spectrometry.
  • Jasem improves simple and fast sample preparation solutions for the biological and food samples without using solid phase extraction (SPE), on-line SPE, derivatization.
  • All methods developed by Jasem are fully validated.
  • Jasem organizes demo studies and application trainings.